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Map: trdm02a
Map Name: Shadows and Imaginings -by Trebz-
Matches Played: 6
First Played: 2008-07-13 02:59:44
Last Played: 2008-10-07 20:18:35

Total Combined Score for Map: 112

Top Aggregate Match Score
on This Map: 90 (match 1218958286)

Top Player Score on This Map:
32 by 0megaMan[APE] (match 1218958286)

Longest Shot on this Map:1261.2 (match 1218958286)

Map Details

MatchID Timestamp File Name Player Count Top Scorer Score
12165258362008-07-20 4:50:36trdm02a20megaMan[APE]3
12189511322008-08-17 6:32:12trdm02a2Entie13
12189582862008-08-17 8:31:26trdm02a3Entie32
12201629312008-08-31 7:08:51trdm02a2Lag2
12234071152008-10-07 20:18:35trdm02a1Player-1