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- Devastation v2.0.4 (4mb)

- Plague Mappack (6mb)

- Classic Devastation Map pack (3mb)

- Full Plague Devastation File Set (314mb)

- Archived Devastation files

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- Devastation Quake 2

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Maps in Current Rotation

File Name Map Name
castle From Gibson G Hall at RIT
colour Colours of War
demise - Imminent Demise - by Kanaeda
deus Deus Ex Machina - by SleepwalkR
evildm2 The Hallowed
marics33 Heads Up! - by Maric
marics37 Citadel - by Maric
ztn2dm1 The Killing Machine - by ztn
solid Solid Fuel - by Hafhead


All Plage Devastation Maps Played

File Name Map Name
ADM1WestBound by -[AdiMause]-
AEROQ2Aerowalk by Preacher
castleFrom Gibson G Hall at RIT
colourColours of War
demise- Imminent Demise - by Kanaeda
deusDeus Ex Machina - by SleepwalkR
entdm1bBastions - Entrails<VP>
evildm2The Hallowed
kickKICK THE P.A. by headshot
killtropk i l l t r o p o l i s - Entrails<VP>
marics33Heads Up! by Maric
marics37Citadel by Maric
paradm3Facial Reconstruction by paradies
riscdm1Inferiority Complexx
solidSolid Fuel by Hafhead
trdm01aSepulchre -by Trebz-
trdm02aShadows and Imaginings -by Trebz-
trdm04aUnknown Domain -by Trebz-
trdm05aVertical Asylum -by Trebz-
trdm06Impurity -by Trebz
wastedWASTED by headshot
ztn2dm2The Killing Machine
ztn2dm3The Rage
ztn2dm4Recycler by ztn
ztn2dm5The Crucible by ztn