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Match Date: 2008-07-14 07:49:47
Map: colour
Map Name: Colours of War

Number of Players: 3
Number of Kills: 75
Aggregate Score: 65

Game Settings:
ModeFFWin LimitTime LimitFrag Limit

Top Scorer: Entrails

Match Sniper: Entrails (143)

Player Scores:

Match Detail

Timestamp Event Shot Distance Score Delta
2008-07-14 7:35:050megaMan[APE] riddled VIXEE[APE] with a machinegun.1431
2008-07-14 7:35:08Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.190.41
2008-07-14 7:35:29Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.461
2008-07-14 7:36:31Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.1202.11
2008-07-14 7:36:41Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.6231
2008-07-14 7:37:02Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.3991
2008-07-14 7:37:15Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.186.51
2008-07-14 7:37:18VIXEE[APE] desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.585.81
2008-07-14 7:37:21Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.141.41
2008-07-14 7:37:400megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.703.71
2008-07-14 7:37:57VIXEE[APE] desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.399.12
2008-07-14 7:38:03VIXEE[APE] desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.6281
2008-07-14 7:38:07Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.5821
2008-07-14 7:38:10Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.306.91
2008-07-14 7:38:12Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.3121
2008-07-14 7:38:15Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.513.81
2008-07-14 7:38:17Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.535.71
2008-07-14 7:38:24VIXEE[APE] desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.6161
2008-07-14 7:38:24VIXEE[APE] desecrated VIXEE[APE] with their desecrator.533.2-1
2008-07-14 7:38:430megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.81.41
2008-07-14 7:38:45VIXEE[APE] desecrated Entrails with their desecrator.4451
2008-07-14 7:38:550megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.503.71
2008-07-14 7:39:07VIXEE[APE] desecrated Entrails with their desecrator.534.51
2008-07-14 7:39:580megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.92.91
2008-07-14 7:40:03VIXEE[APE] desecrated Entrails with their desecrator.455.61
2008-07-14 7:40:24Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.241.71
2008-07-14 7:40:46VIXEE[APE] desecrated Entrails with their desecrator.968.82
2008-07-14 7:41:00Entrails gibbed VIXEE[APE] with a grenade.286.11
2008-07-14 7:41:06Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.239.61
2008-07-14 7:41:14Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.416.71
2008-07-14 7:41:16Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.259.71
2008-07-14 7:41:300megaMan[APE] riddled VIXEE[APE] with a machinegun.109.31
2008-07-14 7:41:37Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.299.31
2008-07-14 7:41:50Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.646.71
2008-07-14 7:42:10Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.233.71
2008-07-14 7:42:13Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.64.61
2008-07-14 7:42:18Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.433.11
2008-07-14 7:42:21Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.292.51
2008-07-14 7:42:40VIXEE[APE] desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.534.91
2008-07-14 7:43:00VIXEE[APE] desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.196.51
2008-07-14 7:43:13Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.256.21
2008-07-14 7:43:42VIXEE[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.341.41
2008-07-14 7:44:030megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.180.61
2008-07-14 7:44:07VIXEE[APE] atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.141.91
2008-07-14 7:44:450megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.129.21
2008-07-14 7:45:03VIXEE[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.264.81
2008-07-14 7:45:060megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.969.41
2008-07-14 7:45:140megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.398.21
2008-07-14 7:45:250megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.390.81
2008-07-14 7:45:47VIXEE[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.214.81
2008-07-14 7:46:29VIXEE[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.200.81
2008-07-14 7:47:070megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.244.61
2008-07-14 7:47:17VIXEE[APE] atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.156.31
2008-07-14 7:47:230megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.374.21
2008-07-14 7:47:31Entrails desecrated VIXEE[APE] with their desecrator.452.92
2008-07-14 7:47:46Entrails desecrated VIXEE[APE] with their desecrator.723.62
2008-07-14 7:47:510megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.593.81
2008-07-14 7:47:510megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.564.81
2008-07-14 7:48:01Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.78.91
2008-07-14 7:48:07VIXEE[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.0-5
2008-07-14 7:48:140megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.124.21
2008-07-14 7:48:190megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.184.51
2008-07-14 7:48:200megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.90.91
2008-07-14 7:48:240megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.1541
2008-07-14 7:48:26VIXEE[APE] atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.256.11
2008-07-14 7:48:31VIXEE[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.33.41
2008-07-14 7:48:39VIXEE[APE] atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.136.51
2008-07-14 7:48:43Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.233.71
2008-07-14 7:48:47Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.307.21
2008-07-14 7:48:56Entrails atomized Entrails with their devastator.0-5
2008-07-14 7:48:580megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.467.81
2008-07-14 7:49:20Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.63.71
2008-07-14 7:49:28Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.336.71
2008-07-14 7:49:36Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.326.31
2008-07-14 7:49:410megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.379.31