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Match Date: 2008-07-11 00:51:15
Map: marics33
Map Name: Heads Up! by Maric

Number of Players: 3
Number of Kills: 59
Aggregate Score: 48

Game Settings:
ModeFFWin LimitTime LimitFrag Limit

Top Scorer: Entrails

Match Sniper: Entrails (distance: 142.3)

Player Scores:

Match Detail

Timestamp Event Shot Distance Score Delta
2008-07-11 0:41:130megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.142.31
2008-07-11 0:41:250megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.76.31
2008-07-11 0:41:360megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.101.91
2008-07-11 0:41:400megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.210.31
2008-07-11 0:41:44VIXEE[APE] desecrated Entrails with their desecrator.723.81
2008-07-11 0:41:51VIXEE[APE] desecrated Entrails with their desecrator.3271
2008-07-11 0:42:000megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.2381
2008-07-11 0:42:05Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.260.61
2008-07-11 0:42:09Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.204.11
2008-07-11 0:42:170megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.141.81
2008-07-11 0:42:360megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.274.71
2008-07-11 0:42:37Entrails desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.398.32
2008-07-11 0:42:44Entrails desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.8591
2008-07-11 0:42:560megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.446.11
2008-07-11 0:43:130megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.6421
2008-07-11 0:43:160megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.218.61
2008-07-11 0:43:200megaMan[APE] atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.0-5
2008-07-11 0:43:38Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.206.21
2008-07-11 0:43:51Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.266.41
2008-07-11 0:43:56Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.32.31
2008-07-11 0:44:050megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.117.31
2008-07-11 0:44:080megaMan[APE] crushed Entrails to death with their devastator65.71
2008-07-11 0:44:170megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.144.51
2008-07-11 0:44:320megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.200.41
2008-07-11 0:44:510megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.464.61
2008-07-11 0:45:060megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.2011
2008-07-11 0:45:14Entrails killed VIXEE[APE] with a hyperblaster.36.21
2008-07-11 0:46:300megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.372.21
2008-07-11 0:46:44Entrails riddled 0megaMan[APE] with a chaingun.732.85
2008-07-11 0:46:52Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.295.51
2008-07-11 0:46:54Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.423.51
2008-07-11 0:47:00Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.183.41
2008-07-11 0:47:110megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.133.31
2008-07-11 0:47:17Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.2061
2008-07-11 0:47:33Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.507.71
2008-07-11 0:47:39Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.183.61
2008-07-11 0:47:440megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.447.91
2008-07-11 0:47:55Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.268.31
2008-07-11 0:48:05Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.148.71
2008-07-11 0:48:27Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.97.81
2008-07-11 0:48:28Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.116.31
2008-07-11 0:48:330megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.257.71
2008-07-11 0:48:560megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.410.21
2008-07-11 0:49:02Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.2631
2008-07-11 0:49:11Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.207.51
2008-07-11 0:49:13Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.242.51
2008-07-11 0:49:16Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.194.81
2008-07-11 0:49:35Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.394.31
2008-07-11 0:49:45Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.3771
2008-07-11 0:49:49VIXEE[APE] desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.419.81
2008-07-11 0:49:49VIXEE[APE] desecrated VIXEE[APE] with their desecrator.381.3-1
2008-07-11 0:50:040megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.202.71
2008-07-11 0:50:090megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.323.31
2008-07-11 0:50:18Entrails atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.221.41
2008-07-11 0:50:230megaMan[APE] atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.0-5
2008-07-11 0:50:55VIXEE[APE] desecrated VIXEE[APE] with their desecrator.154.8-1
2008-07-11 0:51:020megaMan[APE] atomized Entrails with their devastator.432.31
2008-07-11 0:51:06VIXEE[APE] desecrated Entrails with their desecrator.698.91
2008-07-11 0:51:15Entrails atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.404.31