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Match Date: 2008-08-08 22:55:13
Map: aeroq2
Map Name: Aerowalk by Preacher

Number of Players: 2
Number of Kills: 32
Aggregate Score: 43

Game Settings:
ModeFFWin LimitTime LimitFrag Limit

Top Scorer: Entrails<VP>

Match Sniper: Lag (distance: 550.8)

Player Scores:

Match Detail

Timestamp Event Shot Distance Score Delta
2008-08-08 22:40:53Entrails<VP> destroyed Lag with a rocket launcher.550.81
2008-08-08 22:41:00Entrails<VP> desecrated Lag with their desecrator.107.51
2008-08-08 22:41:11Entrails<VP> zapped Lag with a railgun.104.71
2008-08-08 22:41:36Entrails<VP> destroyed Lag with a rocket launcher.89.91
2008-08-08 22:42:37Entrails<VP> desecrated Lag with their desecrator.97.32
2008-08-08 22:42:44Lag pewpewed Entrails<VP> with a blaster.373.61
2008-08-08 22:43:26Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.202.41
2008-08-08 22:43:39Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.211.51
2008-08-08 22:43:55Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.630.81
2008-08-08 22:44:07Entrails<VP> atomized Lag with their devastator.442.31
2008-08-08 22:44:20Entrails<VP> atomized Lag with their devastator.277.21
2008-08-08 22:44:47Entrails<VP> atomized Lag with their devastator.594.71
2008-08-08 22:45:38Lag destroyed Entrails<VP> with a rocket launcher.396.25
2008-08-08 22:46:01Lag killed Lag with rocket sharpnel.0-1
2008-08-08 22:46:14Entrails<VP> destroyed Lag with a rocket launcher.32.81
2008-08-08 22:46:21Lag gibbed Entrails<VP> with a grenade.343.91
2008-08-08 22:46:40Entrails<VP> zapped Lag with a railgun.457.41
2008-08-08 22:47:11Entrails<VP> zapped Lag with a railgun.598.31
2008-08-08 22:47:59Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.84.31
2008-08-08 22:48:24Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.170.51
2008-08-08 22:48:30Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.589.11
2008-08-08 22:48:37Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.217.31
2008-08-08 22:48:41Entrails<VP> gibbed Lag with a grenade.227.55
2008-08-08 22:48:53Entrails<VP> zapped Lag with a railgun.41.91
2008-08-08 22:50:52Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.41.91
2008-08-08 22:50:56Entrails<VP> zapped Lag with a railgun.324.95
2008-08-08 22:51:12Lag zapped Entrails<VP> with a railgun.35.61
2008-08-08 22:52:31Lag zapped Entrails<VP> with a railgun.1371
2008-08-08 22:53:23Lag zapped Entrails<VP> with a railgun.784.51
2008-08-08 22:53:43Lag zapped Entrails<VP> with a railgun.63.61
2008-08-08 22:53:52Lag killed Entrails<VP> with a hyperblaster.47.81
2008-08-08 22:54:02Entrails<VP> zapped Lag with a railgun.5571