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Match Date: 2008-08-08 23:36:57
Map: deus
Map Name: Deus Ex Machina - by SleepwalkR

Number of Players: 4
Number of Kills: 60
Aggregate Score: 74

Game Settings:
ModeFFWin LimitTime LimitFrag Limit

Top Scorer: Entrails<VP>

Match Sniper: Entrails<VP> (distance: 104.9)

Player Scores:

Match Detail

Timestamp Event Shot Distance Score Delta
2008-08-08 23:25:59Lag blew away Entrails<VP> with a super shotgun.104.91
2008-08-08 23:25:59Entrails<VP> killed Lag with grenade fragments.106.71
2008-08-08 23:26:43Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.213.51
2008-08-08 23:27:02Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.127.71
2008-08-08 23:27:30Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.921.41
2008-08-08 23:28:22Entrails<VP> riddled Lag with a chaingun.192.35
2008-08-08 23:29:51Lag desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.7291
2008-08-08 23:30:26Entrails<VP> atomized Lag with their devastator.629.91
2008-08-08 23:30:46Entrails<VP> atomized Lag with their devastator.390.81
2008-08-08 23:30:55Lag blew away 0megaMan[APE] with a super shotgun.110.71
2008-08-08 23:31:05Entrails<VP> atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.281.91
2008-08-08 23:31:09Entrails<VP> atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.97.61
2008-08-08 23:31:16Entrails<VP> atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.167.71
2008-08-08 23:31:310megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.181.51
2008-08-08 23:31:31Entrails<VP> atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.347.61
2008-08-08 23:31:33Entrails<VP> atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.1941
2008-08-08 23:31:51Entrails<VP> atomized Lag with their devastator.3981
2008-08-08 23:31:55VIXEE[APE] atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.650.61
2008-08-08 23:32:060megaMan[APE] desecrated Entrails<VP> with their desecrator.438.12
2008-08-08 23:32:12Lag blew away 0megaMan[APE] with a super shotgun.248.91
2008-08-08 23:32:15VIXEE[APE] atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.311.11
2008-08-08 23:32:250megaMan[APE] blew away Lag with a super shotgun.577.21
2008-08-08 23:32:30Entrails<VP> atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.134.81
2008-08-08 23:32:42Entrails<VP> atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.121.41
2008-08-08 23:32:49VIXEE[APE] atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.1851
2008-08-08 23:33:04VIXEE[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.43.11
2008-08-08 23:33:070megaMan[APE] desecrated Lag with their desecrator.487.91
2008-08-08 23:33:13VIXEE[APE] atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.293.81
2008-08-08 23:33:140megaMan[APE] killed VIXEE[APE] with rocket sharpnel.378.75
2008-08-08 23:33:16Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.927.31
2008-08-08 23:33:29Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.255.81
2008-08-08 23:33:30Lag atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.176.41
2008-08-08 23:33:400megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.141.31
2008-08-08 23:33:52Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.316.81
2008-08-08 23:33:52Lag atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.282.81
2008-08-08 23:34:04Entrails<VP> riddled VIXEE[APE] with a chaingun.371.91
2008-08-08 23:34:16Entrails<VP> riddled Lag with a chaingun.502.55
2008-08-08 23:34:21Lag riddled VIXEE[APE] with a machinegun.3041
2008-08-08 23:34:34Entrails<VP> desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.188.82
2008-08-08 23:34:41Entrails<VP> desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.305.61
2008-08-08 23:34:42Lag blew away Entrails<VP> with a super shotgun.246.51
2008-08-08 23:34:46VIXEE[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.377.91
2008-08-08 23:34:580megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.103.31
2008-08-08 23:34:59Entrails<VP> riddled Lag with a chaingun.167.11
2008-08-08 23:35:030megaMan[APE] atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.52.81
2008-08-08 23:35:11Lag killed Entrails<VP> with rocket sharpnel.369.21
2008-08-08 23:35:28Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.2961
2008-08-08 23:35:36Entrails<VP> killed VIXEE[APE] with rocket sharpnel.484.21
2008-08-08 23:35:39Lag atomized Entrails<VP> with their devastator.941.21
2008-08-08 23:35:45Lag atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.426.11
2008-08-08 23:35:520megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.180.81
2008-08-08 23:36:00Entrails<VP> atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.997.61
2008-08-08 23:36:13Entrails<VP> atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.304.41
2008-08-08 23:36:18Entrails<VP> atomized Lag with their devastator.588.61
2008-08-08 23:36:26VIXEE[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.49.71
2008-08-08 23:36:27Entrails<VP> atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.199.41
2008-08-08 23:36:37Entrails<VP> atomized VIXEE[APE] with their devastator.1171
2008-08-08 23:36:50Entrails<VP> atomized Lag with their devastator.249.31
2008-08-08 23:36:52Entrails<VP> atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.296.31
2008-08-08 23:36:57Entrails<VP> atomized Lag with their devastator.124.81