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Match Date: 2008-08-10 22:18:08
Map: ztn2dm1
Map Name: Painkiller

Number of Players: 2
Number of Kills: 41
Aggregate Score: 55

Game Settings:
ModeFFWin LimitTime LimitFrag Limit

Top Scorer: Entie

Match Sniper: Entie (distance: 171.6)

Player Scores:

Match Detail

Timestamp Event Shot Distance Score Delta
2008-08-10 22:04:36Entie riddled Lag with a chaingun.171.61
2008-08-10 22:05:07Entie destroyed Lag with a rocket launcher.621
2008-08-10 22:05:51Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.122.31
2008-08-10 22:06:16Lag killed Entie with rocket sharpnel.814.51
2008-08-10 22:06:39Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.82.71
2008-08-10 22:07:06Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.236.41
2008-08-10 22:07:16Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.2391
2008-08-10 22:07:24Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.363.41
2008-08-10 22:07:29Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.341.21
2008-08-10 22:07:36Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.381.71
2008-08-10 22:08:00Lag blew away Entie with a super shotgun.194.65
2008-08-10 22:08:11Entie killed Lag with grenade fragments.519.41
2008-08-10 22:08:15Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.491.51
2008-08-10 22:08:24Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.3731
2008-08-10 22:08:33Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.169.91
2008-08-10 22:08:35Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.1033.11
2008-08-10 22:08:46Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.318.71
2008-08-10 22:09:22Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.328.91
2008-08-10 22:09:26Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.374.81
2008-08-10 22:10:16Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.453.21
2008-08-10 22:10:22Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.6661
2008-08-10 22:10:30Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.257.51
2008-08-10 22:10:53Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.214.51
2008-08-10 22:11:08Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.130.81
2008-08-10 22:11:35Entie pancaked Entie by falling to their death.0-1
2008-08-10 22:11:46Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.366.61
2008-08-10 22:12:04Entie riddled Lag with a chaingun.3305
2008-08-10 22:12:48Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.472.71
2008-08-10 22:13:15Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.658.81
2008-08-10 22:14:31Lag killed Entie with rocket sharpnel.205.65
2008-08-10 22:14:31Entie killed Lag with rocket sharpnel.202.91
2008-08-10 22:14:42Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.253.31
2008-08-10 22:15:29Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.527.61
2008-08-10 22:15:38Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.356.71
2008-08-10 22:15:55Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.472.11
2008-08-10 22:16:00Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.709.51
2008-08-10 22:16:35Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.569.41
2008-08-10 22:16:53Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.494.41
2008-08-10 22:17:09Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.126.11
2008-08-10 22:17:44Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.445.11
2008-08-10 22:17:53Entie riddled Lag with a chaingun.39.35