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Match Date: 2008-08-17 00:02:10
Map: trdm01a
Map Name: Sepulchre -by Trebz-

Number of Players: 3
Number of Kills: 56
Aggregate Score: 63

Game Settings:
ModeFFWin LimitTime LimitFrag Limit

Top Scorer: Entie

Match Sniper: Entie (distance: 855.2)

Player Scores:

Match Detail

Timestamp Event Shot Distance Score Delta
2008-08-16 23:48:25Entie desecrated Lag with their desecrator.855.22
2008-08-16 23:48:45Lag killed Entie with rocket sharpnel.301.51
2008-08-16 23:49:14Entie killed Lag with rocket sharpnel.263.21
2008-08-16 23:50:16Entie desecrated Lag with their desecrator.378.41
2008-08-16 23:50:22Entie desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.691.21
2008-08-16 23:50:44Entie riddled Lag with a chaingun.114.41
2008-08-16 23:50:56Entie desecrated Lag with their desecrator.200.11
2008-08-16 23:51:13Lag killed Lag with grenade fragments.0-1
2008-08-16 23:51:15Entie desecrated Lag with their desecrator.472.91
2008-08-16 23:51:40Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.270.81
2008-08-16 23:51:42Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.421.21
2008-08-16 23:51:54Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.204.55
2008-08-16 23:52:09Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.158.41
2008-08-16 23:52:30Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.254.81
2008-08-16 23:52:59Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.577.11
2008-08-16 23:53:12Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.269.61
2008-08-16 23:53:15Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.346.21
2008-08-16 23:53:410megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.393.61
2008-08-16 23:53:490megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.263.31
2008-08-16 23:54:010megaMan[APE] atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.0-5
2008-08-16 23:54:18Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.352.71
2008-08-16 23:54:410megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.475.71
2008-08-16 23:54:520megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.179.81
2008-08-16 23:55:100megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.331.21
2008-08-16 23:55:12Lag gibbed 0megaMan[APE] with a grenade.309.95
2008-08-16 23:55:35Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.1361
2008-08-16 23:55:47Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.109.61
2008-08-16 23:55:54Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.466.91
2008-08-16 23:56:00Lag zapped Entie with a railgun.301.35
2008-08-16 23:56:080megaMan[APE] zapped Lag with a railgun.662.41
2008-08-16 23:56:24Lag zapped 0megaMan[APE] with a railgun.70.11
2008-08-16 23:56:330megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.32.21
2008-08-16 23:56:530megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.115.91
2008-08-16 23:57:00Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.74.81
2008-08-16 23:57:22Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.187.11
2008-08-16 23:57:28Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.1511
2008-08-16 23:57:43Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.457.31
2008-08-16 23:57:59Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.255.21
2008-08-16 23:58:04Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.116.21
2008-08-16 23:58:12Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.183.31
2008-08-16 23:58:24Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.329.31
2008-08-16 23:58:31Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.150.51
2008-08-16 23:58:32Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.1551
2008-08-16 23:58:500megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.501
2008-08-16 23:58:540megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.105.21
2008-08-16 23:59:020megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.380.21
2008-08-16 23:59:08Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.244.41
2008-08-16 23:59:35Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.232.41
2008-08-16 23:59:430megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.81.41
2008-08-16 23:59:580megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.316.31
2008-08-17 0:00:050megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.35.11
2008-08-17 0:00:25Lag zapped Entie with a railgun.466.71
2008-08-17 0:00:46Lag desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.39.22
2008-08-17 0:00:56Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.267.71
2008-08-17 0:01:010megaMan[APE] desecrated Entie with their desecrator.190.82
2008-08-17 0:01:25Entie zapped 0megaMan[APE] with a railgun.124.51