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Match Date: 2008-08-17 00:31:26
Map: trdm02a
Map Name: Shadows and Imaginings -by Trebz-

Number of Players: 3
Number of Kills: 65
Aggregate Score: 90

Game Settings:
ModeFFWin LimitTime LimitFrag Limit

Top Scorer: 0megaMan[APE]

Match Sniper: Lag (distance: 267.1)

Player Scores:

Match Detail

Timestamp Event Shot Distance Score Delta
2008-08-17 0:17:42Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.267.11
2008-08-17 0:18:01Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.331.41
2008-08-17 0:18:140megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.111.31
2008-08-17 0:18:33Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.1261.21
2008-08-17 0:18:37Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.184.41
2008-08-17 0:18:480megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.127.51
2008-08-17 0:18:550megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.1861
2008-08-17 0:18:55Lag destroyed 0megaMan[APE] with a rocket launcher.219.65
2008-08-17 0:19:090megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.111.31
2008-08-17 0:19:10Lag killed 0megaMan[APE] with grenade fragments.490.35
2008-08-17 0:19:40Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.726.31
2008-08-17 0:19:52Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.795.61
2008-08-17 0:20:10Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.188.31
2008-08-17 0:20:490megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.110.51
2008-08-17 0:20:52Lag destroyed 0megaMan[APE] with a rocket launcher.645.85
2008-08-17 0:21:14Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.544.11
2008-08-17 0:21:15Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.420.21
2008-08-17 0:21:25Entie zapped 0megaMan[APE] with a railgun.407.41
2008-08-17 0:21:55Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.311.71
2008-08-17 0:22:02Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.42.11
2008-08-17 0:22:09Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.142.91
2008-08-17 0:22:22Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.576.61
2008-08-17 0:22:37Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.404.81
2008-08-17 0:22:44Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.97.61
2008-08-17 0:22:520megaMan[APE] killed Lag with rocket sharpnel.1745
2008-08-17 0:22:540megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.110.91
2008-08-17 0:23:030megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.123.31
2008-08-17 0:23:370megaMan[APE] atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.0-5
2008-08-17 0:23:39Entie killed Entie with rocket sharpnel.0-1
2008-08-17 0:23:49Entie zapped 0megaMan[APE] with a railgun.45.41
2008-08-17 0:23:49Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.411.51
2008-08-17 0:23:58Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.513.21
2008-08-17 0:24:23Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.313.51
2008-08-17 0:24:29Lag destroyed 0megaMan[APE] with a rocket launcher.36.91
2008-08-17 0:24:39Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.372.91
2008-08-17 0:25:020megaMan[APE] desecrated Lag with their desecrator.673.21
2008-08-17 0:25:29Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.568.51
2008-08-17 0:25:49Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.251.41
2008-08-17 0:26:080megaMan[APE] desecrated Entie with their desecrator.210.32
2008-08-17 0:26:19Entie zapped 0megaMan[APE] with a railgun.77.61
2008-08-17 0:26:33Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.115.71
2008-08-17 0:27:01Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.37.81
2008-08-17 0:27:060megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.129.71
2008-08-17 0:27:16Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.646.11
2008-08-17 0:27:290megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.200.31
2008-08-17 0:27:400megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.189.71
2008-08-17 0:28:09Entie zapped 0megaMan[APE] with a railgun.330.45
2008-08-17 0:28:31Entie desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.264.51
2008-08-17 0:28:31Entie desecrated Entie with their desecrator.347.7-1
2008-08-17 0:28:420megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.204.51
2008-08-17 0:29:06Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.295.51
2008-08-17 0:29:09Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.500.61
2008-08-17 0:29:170megaMan[APE] blew away Entie with a super shotgun.331.75
2008-08-17 0:29:40Entie desecrated Lag with their desecrator.305.12
2008-08-17 0:29:40Entie desecrated 0megaMan[APE] with their desecrator.267.32
2008-08-17 0:29:510megaMan[APE] atomized Entie with their devastator.221.11
2008-08-17 0:29:51Entie crushed Entie to death.0-1
2008-08-17 0:29:59Lag atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.240.81
2008-08-17 0:30:140megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.290.21
2008-08-17 0:30:14Entie killed Entie with rocket sharpnel.0-1
2008-08-17 0:30:34Entie zapped 0megaMan[APE] with a railgun.315.25
2008-08-17 0:30:420megaMan[APE] blew away Lag with a super shotgun.178.45
2008-08-17 0:30:45Entie atomized 0megaMan[APE] with their devastator.233.61
2008-08-17 0:31:070megaMan[APE] blew away Entie with a super shotgun.525
2008-08-17 0:31:260megaMan[APE] atomized Lag with their devastator.154.71