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Match Date: 2008-08-23 22:37:01
Map: entdm1b
Map Name: Bastions - Entrails

Number of Players: 3
Number of Kills: 62
Aggregate Score: 71

Game Settings:
ModeFFWin LimitTime LimitFrag Limit

Top Scorer: Entie

Match Sniper: Lag (distance: 243.3)

Player Scores:

Match Detail

Timestamp Event Shot Distance Score Delta
2008-08-23 22:23:13Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.243.31
2008-08-23 22:23:39Lag zapped Entie with a railgun.7661
2008-08-23 22:23:54Miss atomized Lag with their devastator.695.91
2008-08-23 22:23:58Miss atomized Entie with their devastator.193.51
2008-08-23 22:24:16Entie zapped Miss with a railgun.476.45
2008-08-23 22:24:25Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.2106.91
2008-08-23 22:24:35Entie desecrated Miss with their desecrator.311.82
2008-08-23 22:24:42Lag zapped Entie with a railgun.9381
2008-08-23 22:24:49Lag zapped Miss with a railgun.1359.11
2008-08-23 22:24:57Lag desecrated Miss with their desecrator.778.81
2008-08-23 22:25:06Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.269.71
2008-08-23 22:25:08Miss zapped Entie with a railgun.13591
2008-08-23 22:25:20Miss zapped Entie with a railgun.613.61
2008-08-23 22:25:23Lag zapped Miss with a railgun.451.31
2008-08-23 22:25:42Entie desecrated Miss with their desecrator.109.11
2008-08-23 22:25:50Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.204.71
2008-08-23 22:26:11Lag pancaked Lag by falling to their death.0-1
2008-08-23 22:26:15Entie desecrated Miss with their desecrator.170.62
2008-08-23 22:26:26Lag zapped Miss with a railgun.369.61
2008-08-23 22:26:37Entie desecrated Lag with their desecrator.796.61
2008-08-23 22:26:53Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.124.11
2008-08-23 22:26:55Entie desecrated Miss with their desecrator.456.32
2008-08-23 22:27:07Lag zapped Entie with a railgun.1537.81
2008-08-23 22:27:22Lag zapped Miss with a railgun.466.31
2008-08-23 22:27:28Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.221.11
2008-08-23 22:27:30Miss zapped Entie with a railgun.2815.41
2008-08-23 22:27:41Entie zapped Miss with a railgun.1575.41
2008-08-23 22:27:46Miss zapped Entie with a railgun.16701
2008-08-23 22:27:54Entie zapped Miss with a railgun.1429.51
2008-08-23 22:28:08Miss zapped Lag with a railgun.1409.61
2008-08-23 22:28:15Miss zapped Entie with a railgun.856.91
2008-08-23 22:28:17Lag zapped Miss with a railgun.2879.61
2008-08-23 22:28:32Miss zapped Lag with a railgun.775.41
2008-08-23 22:28:41Entie zapped Miss with a railgun.523.81
2008-08-23 22:28:53Lag zapped Miss with a railgun.1518.61
2008-08-23 22:28:56Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.231.91
2008-08-23 22:29:07Lag zapped Miss with a railgun.892.11
2008-08-23 22:29:16Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.2871
2008-08-23 22:29:21Lag atomized Miss with their devastator.73.51
2008-08-23 22:29:54Miss atomized Entie with their devastator.10031
2008-08-23 22:29:57Miss atomized Miss with their devastator.0-5
2008-08-23 22:29:57Miss destroyed Lag with a rocket launcher.91.45
2008-08-23 22:30:15Miss atomized Lag with their devastator.2021
2008-08-23 22:30:28Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.816.91
2008-08-23 22:30:37Lag atomized Miss with their devastator.449.51
2008-08-23 22:30:48Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.32.21
2008-08-23 22:30:50Entie atomized Miss with their devastator.345.71
2008-08-23 22:31:01Lag zapped Miss with a railgun.1582.91
2008-08-23 22:31:06Lag zapped Miss with a railgun.2955.61
2008-08-23 22:31:10Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.796.61
2008-08-23 22:31:17Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.161.11
2008-08-23 22:31:54Lag desecrated Entie with their desecrator.244.12
2008-08-23 22:32:40Lag zapped Entie with a railgun.735.41
2008-08-23 22:32:49Lag desecrated Entie with their desecrator.722
2008-08-23 22:33:10Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.478.11
2008-08-23 22:33:36Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.851.51
2008-08-23 22:33:59Lag atomized Entie with their devastator.41.11
2008-08-23 22:35:27Entie zapped Lag with a railgun.288.85
2008-08-23 22:35:45Lag zapped Entie with a railgun.113.21
2008-08-23 22:36:22Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.4201
2008-08-23 22:36:45Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.136.71
2008-08-23 22:37:01Entie atomized Lag with their devastator.583.81