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Match Date: 2012-03-15 22:51:05
Map: ztn2dm5
Map Name: The Crucible by ztn

Number of Players: 2
Number of Kills: 7
Aggregate Score: 7

Game Settings:
ModeFFWin LimitTime LimitFrag Limit

Top Scorer: Agrikk

Match Sniper: Agrikk (distance: 306.6)

Player Scores:

Match Detail

Timestamp Event Shot Distance Score Delta
2012-03-15 22:36:54bleh killed Agrikk with a hyperblaster.306.61
2012-03-15 22:37:03Agrikk riddled bleh with a chaingun.516.31
2012-03-15 22:38:38Agrikk riddled bleh with a chaingun.69.51
2012-03-15 22:39:53Agrikk desecrated bleh with their desecrator.192.51
2012-03-15 22:40:11Agrikk desecrated bleh with their desecrator.157.41
2012-03-15 22:40:54bleh zapped Agrikk with a railgun.325.21
2012-03-15 22:41:07Agrikk riddled bleh with a chaingun.383.61